4 Layer Bathroom Corner Shelf Durable And Rust Free

This 4 layer bathroom corner shelf will organize your space very nicely and make your bathroom look more beautiful. It's easy to use without any installation tools or drilling. You just need to expand it and place it wherever you want in the corner. You can use it in your kitchen, living room, bathroom etc. This bathroom corner shelf will make more space in your bathroom. It comes with 4 layers of shelf where you can put your all products.

Features of Bathroom Corner Shelf:

Strong and rust-proof, made of ABS plastic and stainless steel. They feature a better bearing capacity and endurance thanks to the reinforced shelf. To conserve even more room, just fasten it between the floor and the ceiling. Its triangular design fits the wall corner well.

Drainage holes in the bathroom corner shelves prevent excess water from building up and lessen the growth of mould. A telescoping tube with four movable shelves that can be positioned at any height provides lots of space for bathroom supplies. In addition to the under-shelf hooks, each shelf features a bar that can be utilised as a hanger for additional storage.

Our bathroom corner shelf has a beautiful and unique design to decorate your living area, bedroom, and bathroom.

No drilling is necessary. Height-adjustable pole that can be positioned above the shower tray or bathtub by shortening it or placed between the floor and the ceiling at its full length. You can organise it according to your bathroom's needs thanks to its versatile and innovative design.

No drilling or tools are needed; assembly is simple and comes with step-by-step instructions.

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