Animal Astronaut Night Light: Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

With the Animal Astronaut Night Light, you can illuminate any area! When people enter the room, this beautiful sculpture is sure to draw attention.

This eye-catching animal astronaut is ideal for the office or a kid's room because it functions as both a desk ornament and a nightlight. The figurine makes a wonderful bedside lamp since it emits a gentle glow from its illuminated moon and shimmering stars in the astronaut helmet.

A wonderful gift for children, relatives, and friends! Every time your loved ones see it, amaze them. Each lamp is individually handcrafted from sturdy resin. Contains a white LED that runs on batteries and has an On/Off switch underneath.

Features of Animal Astronaut Night Light:

Adorable animal forms: Cute animals like bears, kittens, and puppies can all be seen donning spacesuits and acting as fascinating astronauts. Different animal astronauts have lamps in their hands that produce different coloured light. Your kids will instantly fall in love with it, and it will encourage their imagination and sharpen their cognitive abilities.

The ideal present for kids: It is appropriate as a gift for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and children's birthdays. These animal-shaped patterns appeal to kids because they are all quite inventive.

Nice lighting design: It is an excellent option for night lighting and decorations since it can emit lovely light at night that is extremely gentle and not bright. It can warm your heart and give you a feeling of comfort.

Size is lightweight: Its entire construction is made of sturdy, ecologically safe resin, so it won't get harmed if it falls to the ground on time. Its dimensions are 3.15 inches by 3.54 inches by 5.12 inches, and its weight is 435 grammes (0.9 pounds), making it incredibly portable.

Easy for children to use: With only a simple pull of the clear plug at the bottom of our animal night light and a flick of the switch, you can turn on the light. Kids can easily use it on their own.

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