Multifunctional Cleaning Brush For Bathroom, Kitchen, Tiles, Window, Pans, Sink Cleaning

Here we comes with a new kitchen tools that will make your cleaning process fast and easy. This product can cleans edge corners, juicer, glass, small particle where our hand don't reach. This brush comes with a long handle which means your hand will not get dirty or wet while cleaning. It's an advance version of our old kitchen brush. 
Our brush heads feature a proper angle, short bristles, and are easy to fit into tight spots, effectively assisting you in cleaning challenging regions or tough stains.

Features of this Multifunctional kitchen cleaning brush:

Product Feature: Unlike conventional kitchen brush heads, ours have a correct angle, short bristles, and easy access to tight locations, effectively assisting you in removing tough stains or difficult-to-clean regions.

Durable Stiff Bristles: The handles of these right-angle kitchen brushes are made of plastic resin, and the bristles are made of PET fibre. They preserve the tufted shape and the contour of the brush head and have good bending resistance. They are long-lasting, washable, and durable.

Easy to Use and Store: Because our cup brush has a long handle, you may use it without getting your hands wet, protecting them from unclean water, oil, and other substances. Additionally, each brush has a little hole at the handle's end, making it easy to hang and store.

90° Angle: Since it is uniquely shaped with a 90° angle at the top, it is simple to access awkward spaces; it works well for cleaning the corners of your glass baking pans; and it is a great brush for handwashing and other cleaning tasks.

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